Apex Legends characters have similar abilities to jet from Valorant

Apex Legends’ newest Legend, Vantage, debuted in the game at the start of Season 14: Hunted. Vantage is a reconnaissance legend that brings tremendous utility to Apex games. She is the team’s sniper and has a special talent that gives her an advantage at long range.

Her powerful sniper weapon, passive ability to see enemies, and quick movements offer exciting gameplay. Additionally, players have discovered her Vantage’s method of locomotion that gives her the ability to dash to her pointer, similar to how Valorant’s jets do. In particular, Vantage’s dash is due to a glitch in the game, and gamers have paired it with interesting moves like her Apex Legends double her jump.

Vantage Abilities:

Spotter’s Lens is considered passive.

When unarmed or using a medium-to-long range scope, use the Aim Down Sight (ADC) to scout in the eyepiece and use the bullet drop indicator to see where the bullet will land. Observable.

echo transfer is a tactical term

First you need to place the echoes of your friends flying in the air. Then you need to fly towards him. Echo must be clearly visible in the distance to fire. Note that pet bats can be moved, even while on cooldown, and can be summoned at any time.

Sniper mark, ultimate ability

Marking an enemy target with your customized Sniper Rifle and applying it grants you and your team additional damage benefits.

Before diving into this trick, let’s first familiarize ourselves with all the power Vantage has in Apex Legends.

Perform a dash trick with the Vantage

Apex Legends player Skeptation shared a video of himself playing the game on Twitter and can be seen rushing in different directions. Her plan is to stop the animation of her tactical ability and interrupt it to reach her destination as soon as possible.

Twitter user theh1d said that if the player cancels Vantage’s Q animation by popping a shield cell or battery, and deploys Echo immediately, it can be done.

In other words, the Vantage Dash Trick works like this:

  • Step 1: The first thing to do is start popping the shield battery.
  • Step 2: Decide how you want to move and press either A or D depending on your choice.
  • Step 3: Press and hold the Ability button labeled “Echo Relocation”.

Repeat these 3 steps and you should be able to dash in no time. Strategy involves holding down both the movement and tactical buttons while using a shield to sprint in the desired direction.

Using this dash alone in combat may not be productive, but players can throw in some wild maneuvers and double jumps to fling enemies.

Respawn Entertainment plans to quickly fix this issue in the not too distant future. If you want to dash like Jett from Valorant in Apex Legends, you can do it with Vantage.

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