How to get free diamonds Free Fire ? Free fire Max

I’m sure many of you are wondering how to get free diamonds Free Fire , and therefore get new equipment and weapons in the game. This guide will show you the best options to achieve it in a completely legitimate way without risking your account.

It’s not a secret Free Fire PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale for the throne of a crowded genre . That said, it’s not that easy to get through the game without the key elements in the exchange of profits. Something that might allow us to be number one more often.

These rewards are the hardest to get into the game. , So many players are trying to get them without paying the actual money.

From today front gamers , we’ll tell you how to get such a valuable prize from the simple steps that can be done whimsically.

What is a diamond? Free Fire?

If you are part of those millions of players facing the challenge of surviving the battlefield with your best weapons and skills, you certainly know what a diamond is, and What are they based on? Free Fire .

This explanation may be verbose for many, but new players will certainly appreciate a brief summary of what they are. Now let’s solve those little questions.

Diamonds are an exchange currency Free Fire It allows us to buy equipment, top-notch weapons, emotes , especially. There is no mystery in philosophy: the more sophisticated equipment you have, the easier it is to win .

Diamonds can also give you additional skills, which will make you stand out more than others. That’s why they are so important to win the game. You can buy these gems, but today I’ll tell you how to get diamonds for free .

garena free fire lobby

How to Get Diamonds Legally Free Fire max

We’re not going to deceive you, and that ‘s it Get Free Diamonds Free Fire Note that it’s not always an easy task, so if you need such a juicy prize, you’ll have to work hard. is needed. Because in this life they give us nothing.

You can always pay for those precious diamonds if you want to fix them right away.

Diamond pack price

  • 100 Diamonds : 100 Rs.
  • 310 Diamonds : 250 Rs.
  • 520 Diamonds : 400 Rs.
  • 1060 Diamonds : 800 Rs.
  • 2180 Diamonds : 1600 Rs.
  • 5600 Diamonds : 4000 Rs.
garena free fire diamonds price

What’s more, we can always choose a weekly subscription 100 Diamonds as a result. Of course, if we check in to the store, if we choose, they will cost us cheaper to buy them separately, reach the figure of Rs.100.  Do your calculations.

weekly membership of garena free fire max

Already one small detail of XNUMX, even those who have fallen in love with the enviable winning streak mobile screen for hours to catch up with the best players in the world to buy level-ups once they get the diamonds .

Level UP Pass

Tier Pass is an offer that can only be purchased XNUMX times per player. Thanks to that, you can get up to free diamonds as you level up in the game. A total of 1.000 diamonds .

The list of diamonds displayed for each level is as follows:

  • Tier 1: 300 Diamonds
  • Tier 2: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 3: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 4: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 5: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 6: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 7: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 8: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 9: 50 Diamonds
  • Tier 10: 300 Diamonds
free fire max level up pass

By calculation, getting these 1.000 diamonds in the store is a lot more expensive than buying them with a Level UP Pass. Specifically, it ‘s 334% cheaper than buying diamonds in regular lots.

But now that you know what a diamond is and how it’s legally available, let’s think about what really matters to you. How to get diamonds Free Fire Free .

How to get free diamonds Free Fire

If you don’t want to go through checkout and get it for free, you can check it here:

Earn diamonds by completing missions

It’s easy? There is not much mystery in this part. Complete in-game quests to win this award.

However, not all missions you need to know offer diamonds as a reward and certainly they are a strange quest to see. If you find a diamond as a prize, complete it as soon as possible so you don’t run away.

It’s a good idea to follow Garena Free Fire’s dedicated Twitter account. In some cases, you can see free diamonds as a reward, so you need to be aware of the special events that are starting.

Get diamonds using the Free fire redeem code

Sometimes it’s made up of 12 characters with various codes , which you can enter into the game to redeem for free diamonds.

This set of numbers and letters is well known in the gaming world, many of which are not exclusive to diamonds, but some of these codes include getting free diamonds as prizes or gifts. I am.

However, you should always pay close attention to these codes, as they have an expiration date and you can lose many prizes if you get lost. The good thing is that new code is constantly being generated. With care, you can be sure you get a good number of diamonds without paying.

How to earn balance on application Google Play

Always go with both eyes to avoid web pages where they want to give you these diamonds or promise to get them with XNUMX clicks. Please don’t be shy

However, by completing various tasks such as completing surveys and downloading other apps, they can generate free diamonds redeem code Free Fire max .

These applications are:

  • Google Opinion Rewards : An official Google app that allows you to earn credits and later redeem diamonds by answering surveys. It’s what we recommend most , because it offers high security because it’s official from Google. In addition, we confirmed that we were actually paying the amount we promised when responding to the survey.
  • Game Hug : Here you can choose to play or create soul jewels, articles that can be redeemed for Google Play prepaid cards. This yields a significant amount of diamonds.
  • Game Kit : Similar to Gamehag. Earn credits by completing certain missions from different games. Credits can be redeemed for various benefits of the game, including diamonds. Free Fire.

However, always keep in mind that these are still options that mean effort. The best thing is to always win your place by achieving some wins Show who is the best.

Free Diamond Redeem Code Free Fire max

Below is an updated list of Free Fire max Diamond Redeem Codes for today:

  • N432UNX9A3343H5T
  • HTMG7XV79342B3H
  • SCHVRR4246U7B2V
  • DKXW45hfh67ATFB
  • 32C6FhrJY6TSP6
  • H64NN222YAN8
  • 6GZ55VTYT7ZZG7
  • 96Y4CNBUGZGV35
  • 3FZ37U39CBXDGW
  • F3WD7FR5RE4V6R
  • 6KB727MM88DFHGG
  • VNEEGV9533N9DG
  • 96Y4CNBZDGV35

How to replace diamonds Free Fire

If you get a diamond through your game’s promotion code, it will be automatically added to your account as soon as you enter it, so you don’t have to do anything.

If you made a purchase with your Play Store balance (that is, Garena Free Fire from the store ), you should add it almost immediately.

The maximum duration of diamonds delivered to your account is as follows: 2 business days , or 3 business days if paying by bank transfer.

Check the email associated with your Google Play account to make sure you received the purchase confirmation email. This is because it is always done to ensure that the transaction completed successfully.

WARNING: Note the free diamond redeem code generator

There are multiple free diamond generators on the internet Free Fire, but we warn you of it Almost all of them are scams .

They look official and there are players who have already tried them, but in reality, every user we see is an invented name that is automatically generated by the bot.

In fact, if you try to complete the steps to earn free diamonds redeem code, you will definitely be asked to take actions such as registering for a website unrelated to the game or completing an offer. This is the catch.

These people receive a certain amount of money when we, as players, perform an action on the generator and are usually charged (actual money) to complete it. I won’t do it.

Therefore, it is very important to avoid these types of diamond generators and trust only the offers contained in the game itself, special missions with diamonds, and the code available in the game.

I bought a diamond but haven’t received it

If you buy diamonds Free Fire However, they haven’t been reflected in your account yet, so there are a few things to consider.

  • It may take up to 2-3 days to send.
  • Please make sure you have the purchase confirmation email.

If you’ve been over a couple of days and have a purchase confirmation email, Free Fire as Google Play Help usually ignores these cases and is of little use.

The XNUMX second solution is to request a refund to get your money back for a diamond you haven’t seen yet.

Why do diamonds disappear from my account?

Diamonds may disappear from your account Free Fire For these reasons:

  • I requested a refund and the corresponding diamond has been removed.
  • I forgot to buy something that costs diamonds.
  • Someone has broken into your account and bought something in exchange for a diamond without your consent.

In the XNUMX second case, don’t forget to change your account password to prevent others from managing your account without your permission. In fact, account sharing is Garena Free Fire and if found, they may ban and close your account.

Garena Free Fire Diamonds FAQ

Below is a summary of some of the most frequently asked questions by players, detailed in the previous paragraph.

How to get diamonds Free Fire Free?

The only legal way to get free diamonds Level up by winning Free Fire games and receiving rewards at Google Opinion Rewards.

How long does it take to add diamonds to my account?

If you get diamonds in-game, the process of adding diamonds to your account is immediate, but it can take up to 3 days if you purchased them.

Is there a hack to get free diamonds Free Fire?

There are many web pages that pretend to give you diamonds, but they are fake. We recommend that you do not trust them and act legally, as they can steal your account.

What can I buy with diamonds Free Fire?

If you get diamonds Free Fire You can get exclusive skins and costumes, and the coolest special weapons of all.

What is the code to get free diamonds Free Fire?

Check this page daily to find the active code for Free Fire Get Free Diamonds.

Finally, remind you that this guide can be applied to Free Fire Normal and Free Fire Max .

And which method was most effective for you? Get Free Diamonds Free Fire ?

The Best Apps to Get Free Fire Drills for Free in 2022

Hello FF players, playing FF without diamonds is one of the worst things for any player. So here we have the best app to get free fire diamonds for free in 2021 through which you can easily get diamonds without investing a single cent in the game.

In-app purchases are one of the most common features of games, with which developers hope to be rewarded for providing games. Likewise, FF provides a service that players need to buy and enjoy the game.

What are diamonds in free fire?

Diamonds are the main currency of Garena FF, through which players can use all the advanced features of the game without wasting money. FF is a free-to-play platform, but also offers some in-app purchases.

The paid features of the game affect the user’s gameplay, allowing the player to gain more abilities and skills. The main function is the skin collection of the game, players need to buy and enjoy the game.

Again, there are many more paid features, including pets, emotes, skins, characters, and more. You must top up users with real funds. You can add funds to your account in a number of ways.

If you want to get diamonds, you have to invest in the app. There are also some hacks available to users, but using these is not safe and players can lose their accounts. Therefore, we are here to provide you with this app without wasting money.

Users can use different earning apps through which anyone can easily earn money and other things. So, if you are willing and looking for an easy way to get diamonds, then we have the app for you here.

The Best Apps to Get Free Fire Drills for Free in 2021

We will share with you the best apps to get free fire diamonds in 2021 through which you can easily use all the locked and advanced features of the game without wasting a cent. So stay with us and get all the information about these apps.

Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards

Google provides users with many different functions. There is a new feature available, the user’s opinion reward, although users need to provide opinions on different products. After submitting comments, you will be rewarded.

It offers $1 per opinion from users, but you only get one task per week. So you have to wait 6 days for your next mission but you will get enough money to buy Free Diamonds Free Fire with this amazing app.



Poll Pay is another survey-based revenue platform available for Android users that provides users with different types of surveys. So, you can complete surveys and start earning money on the platform. It also provides an opinion-based revenue system for players.

So you can easily share your advice about other available products and start earning money. It provides users with multiple payment methods and you can easily start earning money. This money can be used to get diamonds from FF accounts.

easy reward

easy reward

Easy Rewards is another earning platform for users through which you can earn coins. It also provides many different methods by which users can earn coins. Coins are the main currency of the app and can be exchanged for real money.

Coins can be easily redeemed and get cash to complete all available missions. Different tasks are provided for players and you can earn coins easily. You can also earn several types of rewards on the platform.

FF Free Diamonds can be earned using any of the above apps, but don’t consider hacking. You may lose your account for using the hack and all achievements. So play safe and enjoy quality time on the platform.

last words

The best apps for players to get free fire drills in 2021 are presented above, but there are many other amazing features in these apps. So if you’re willing to access all these features, head over to Google Play and start exploring all the great services.

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