Post Submission Guidelines

I am glad that you want to publish your article on our website (HTL Madras News). This is a fast growing news website in the world and here any person can publish absolutely free by writing content to promote his article, product, business, service and brand.

You prepare and publish your content according to the theme and specific guidelines of our website. If your content does not follow the guidelines of our website, then our moderators can remove your content at any time.

Here are some guidelines for writing a guest post:

Research the website, blog, article, product, business, service and brand you are submitting related content to: Make sure your content fits the style and tone of the website or blog. For this, you should refer to the specific guidelines or theme included in our website and prepare your post accordingly.

Create a unique and engaging title: Your title should grab the reader’s attention and accurately reflect the content of your post.

Write a strong introduction: Start your post with a hook to grab the reader’s attention and give a brief overview of what your post will cover.

Use subheadings and bullet points: These help break up your post and make it easier for the reader to scan and understand your content.

Use images and multimedia: Adding images and other multimedia elements can help illustrate your points and make your post more visually appealing.

Use original content: Plagiarism is a serious issue, and it’s important to use only original content in your guest post. This means doing your own research and writing, rather than copying and pasting from other sources.

Cite your sources: If you are referencing any outside sources, be sure to properly cite them.

Edit and proofread: Make sure to carefully proofread your post for spelling and grammar errors before submitting it.

Follow Submission Guidelines: We have some guidelines for submitting guest posts. Make sure to follow these guidelines to increase your chances of getting your post approved.

Important guideline.

  • Your content must follow all of the guidelines above.
  • If you are using any external sources (images, videos and other attachments), be sure to cite them properly.
  • We do not accept content related to Adult, 18+, Escort etc.
  • We reserve the right to edit and remove your content at any time if it doesn’t follow Google webmaster, Adsense and our guidelines.