What is JioGames Watch?

Reliance Jio recently made a big announcement about its entry into the game streaming sector with the launch of JioGamesWatch. This streaming service is very similar to games on Twitch and YouTube.

Jio has a certain presence in the current gaming industry with a parallel division called Jio Games. Entered the streaming business with the launch of JioGames Watch. The essential business model is very similar to his Twitch.

Jio Launches Streaming Service Called JioGames Watch

JioGames Watch provides a free streaming service where content creators create curated content and viewers can watch the content for free. The most interesting feature of this service is the ability to stream using a set-top box.

Jio Games also offers free tutorials to subscribers. This will help you understand how to set up your account as a streamer, watch streams, and interact with the content she creators you subscribed to.

Streamers can also stream games directly on JioGames Watch using the device itself, no additional equipment required. Streaming services are delivered in a latency-free manner with very low latency.

Interested users can take advantage of this service by downloading the Jio Games application and clicking the Play button that appears on the screen. This will take you to the esports section where you can enjoy the content for free.

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