Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Schedule, Result and Live Game Streaming

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic – The schedule for the Winter Olympic Games has been started on Friday 4th February. Here you can see the schedule, result and live game show of Winter Olympic Games 2022.

As you all know that the Olympic Games of 2021 were held in Tokyo during the summer and now the Winter Olympic Games of 2022 have been organized in Beijing city of China from February 4 to February 20.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic has been held in Beijing city of China from February 4 to February 20, in which players from all corners of the world will take part in this competition and will be entitled to a great gift.

Let us tell you that the opening ceremony of this competition has been started at the National Stadium in Beijing at 7 am on Friday.

How to Streem Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic

The Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 will be broadcast live at 6:30 am IT and let us tell you that the event will be broadcast live on NBCUniversal which is locked, but you can watch this live stream on NBC and Peacock.

You can also download NBCUniversal App to watch live stream of this competition and in this you can watch live show of Beijing 2022 game by purchasing subcription.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Schedule

Here you can see the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic schedule, in which the dates and information about all the games are given, if you want to get more information about it, then you can visit its official website ( 2022) as well.

  • Alpine skiing (Feb 6-11, Feb 13, Feb 15-17, Feb 19)
  • Bobsleigh (Feb 13-15, Feb 18-20)
  • Biathlon (Feb 5; Feb 7-8, Feb 11-13, Feb 15-16, Feb 18-19)
  • Cross-country skiing (Feb 5-6, Feb 8, Feb 10-13, Feb 16, Feb 19-20)
  • Curling (Feb 2-20)
  • Freestyle skiing (Feb 3, Feb 5-10, Feb 13-19)
  • Figure skating (Feb 4, Feb 6-8, Feb 10, Feb 12, Feb 14-15, Feb 17-20)
  • Ice hockey (Feb 3-20)
  • Luge (Feb 5-9)
  • Nordic combined (Feb 9, Feb 15, Feb 17)
  • Snowboard (Feb 5-12, Feb 14-15)
  • Ski jumping (Feb 5-7, Feb 11-12, Feb 14)
  • Skeleton (Feb 10-12)
  • Speed skating (Feb 5-8, Feb 10-13, Feb 15, Feb 17-19)
  • Short track speed skating (Feb 5, Feb 7, Feb 9, Feb 11, Feb 13, Feb 16)

Today Winter Olympic 2022 Letest Results

To see the new latest result of Winter Olympic 2022 competition, you can see below and for more information about its result, you should go to its official website and get information from it, the link of its official website is given at the end of the article. .

RankStart No.NOCNameScoreTeam
18CHNSUI Wenjing / HAN Cong82.839
24USAKNIERIM Alexa / FRAZIER Brandon75.008
35JPNMIURA Riku / KIHARA Ryuichi74.457
47CANMOORE-TOWERS Kirsten / MARINARO Michael67.346
53GEOSAFINA Karina / BERULAVA Luka64.795
66ITADELLA MONICA Nicole / GUARISE Matteo60.304
72CZEZUKOVA Jelizaveta / BIDAR Martin56.703
99ROCMISHINA Anastasia / GALLIAMOV Aleksandr

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